Jun 15, 2022 · The annual otaku festival, Anime Expo 2022, is finally here with some of the most anticipated premieres of the year. Every weeb knows how much this event means as the community gets to interact with the geniuses behind their favorite shows, cosplay their beloved characters, and witness the [] Drop, Goodbye Don Glees, Obey Me, Rōmo, Toto. 6 .... 2019. 12. 16. · What I have figured out so far is... Orange and yellow tend to be defensive, so just tap your guys when you're ready and the enemies will attack after you do, getting you higher combos. Pink attack one at a time, I recommend tapping one of your dudes after the enemy attacks to counter them. Blue and purple are a little confusing to me, but I've. However, if you focus on certain actions, then you can level up fast. The first and easiest way is to buy VIP on Akuzon. VIP gives a lot of bonuses. For example, it halves the recharge time of .... "/>How to skip battles in obey me